Coronis biennii philosophici by Bernhard Oberhauser (First Edition)


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Coronis biennii philosophici, peripatetico-thomistici in Alma … Universitate Salisb. ad consuetam ibidem docendi normam per IV partes antehac editi, sive physica particularis: complectens doctrinam Aristotelico-thomisticam … by Bernhard Oberhauser

  • Hardcover: 995pp + 28pp
  • Binding: parchment
  • Language: Latin
  • Publish Date: 1729
  • Publisher: Salzburg, J.J. Mayr
  • Shipping Weight: 1441 g
  • Condition: Good
  • Dimensions: 21 x 17 cm

First Edition.- Bernhard Oberhauser (1694-1739) was Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Salzburg in 1724/25. “In the 17th century, the Benedictine Order prepared its main role for the Catholic Enlightenment, which became for example, in the Knights Academy in Ettal, where Salzburg Benedictine professors, such as Bernard Oberhauser (1694-1739) taught, and in the increasing influence of the French Benedictines (Mauriner) manifested. ” (Crossing IV, 365)