Summa Theologiae Moralis by Hieronymus Noldin



Summa Theologia Moralis. Scholarium usui accommodavit; 1. De principiis theologiae moralis; Complementum primum: De dexto praecepto et de usu matrimonii; De poenis ecclesiasticis; / 2. De praeceptis / 3. De sacramentis by Hieronymus Noldin (3 Vol.)

  • Hardcover: Vol. 1. (410pp +122pp +6pp +142pp +2pp), Vol. 2. (4pp +836pp +8pp), Vol. 3. (4pp +816pp)
  • Binding: half leather
  • Language: Latin
  • Publish Date: 1914
  • Publisher: Innsbruck, Oeniponte
  • Shipping Weight: 2820 g
  • Condition: Good
  • Dimensions: 21 x 13,5 cm

The Jesuit u. Theologian Hieronymus Noldin (1838-1922) studied philosophy and theology in Trent and Innsbruck, was ordained a priest in 1861, and after completing his doctorate in 1863 worked as a pastor in Villanders and Salurn. Since 1865 Jesuit, he taught philosophy at the Jesuit college in Preßburg 1867-74, then became Regens of the theologian Convict of the Jesuits in Innsbruck and held there 1885-90 lectures on propaedeutic philosophy. Noldin took over in 1890 the chair of moral theology at the Univ. Innsbruck, became rector of the Linz Jesuit College on the Freinberg in 1909 and founded the Collegium Aloisianum there in 1912. His Summa theologiae moralis was one of the moral theological works of his time.