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Maks Viktor d.o.o. follows certain procedures designed to safeguard the information you entrust to us. These procedures are set forth in the following paragraphs.

Maks Viktor d.o.o. is the owner and operator of this website and is responsible for processing and safeguarding any information you provide to us while using the website. To request a copy of your data, correction of your data, deletion of your data, or a pause in processing of your data, please contact us using our online support form or by email or by post on the addresses listed bellow.


When using maks-viktor.com you have the option to subscribe to our mailing list. If you subscribe to an email list, we will use your email address to send you periodic email messages from that list. You do not have to subscribe to an email list to create an account or to place orders.

We will share your email address with our email provider for the sole purpose of delivering emails to you. We will not share your email address with any other party, and we will not send you email that is unrelated to the email list you joined.

You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of the promotional email messages we send or by contacting us directly. If you create an account you can also manage your email subscriptions from your account menu.


Shopping with registration: Save time at checkout, register once and log in with your email and password to easily place orders.
Shopping without registration: Provide personal information each time you order
Shopping via an email: Send an email to bookstore@maks-viktor.com with exact specification of your order along with your full name, address, telephone number and email. You will receive an invoice, which must be paid by a PayPal transfer.

All prices include Value Added Taxes.

Payment Options – all countries
– with credit card by Paypal

Address: Maks Viktor d.o.o., Ulica 28. maja 53, 1000 Ljubljana, SLO

Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Ljubljana,
IBAN CODE: SI56 1010 0005 6757 023


All orders will prompt a confirmation email – within the email there will be an invoice with a full itemized breakdown of cost relating to the order.


We ship in EU countiessd with “GLS Parcel Delivery Service”

For other countries (worldwide), we use “Slovenian Post Parcel Service”

After your order is dispatched, you will receive an email with tracking number, so you can be informed of exact status of your order.

Shipping costs start at 3.00 EUR and increase based on the total weight of the order and depends on destination country. We ship worldwide.

Most EU countries ( Croatia, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands ) have the following prices (except Slovenia):

0,0kg      to    1,10 kg   –   4,00 – 6,00 EUR
1,11kg    to    2,00kg   –    6,00 – 8,00 EUR
2,01kg    onwards        –  10,00 EUR


If you have any questions or you need any kind of information, please contact us through available channels listed bellow:

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